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Terms of Sales

Article 46, 3° and 47 §4, 6° of the Law of 6/04/2010 on market practices and on information and consumer protection)

The main activity of the seller is the sale of fries, hamburgers, pitas, drinks, etc. to consume on the spot and on sale to take away.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply only to non-commercial individuals and to the following territory: Belgium.
They apply to all orders placed on the website (the "Site"). The Customer declares to have read and accepted the present General Conditions of Sale.
The chip shop C'est Bon reserves at any time the possibility to adapt or modify its Terms and Conditions of Sale.
In case of modification, it will be applied to each order the general conditions of sale in force on the day of the order.
Also, the Customer is invited to regularly consult the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in order to keep abreast of the latest developments.
The relationship between the Customer and the Seller may be effected via the electronic, telephone and postal details indicated on the purchase order and on the order confirmation e-mail.

Application of general conditions - opposability

These general conditions of sale apply to orders made on the site hosted at (hereinafter the Site). The Customer declares to be of age and to have the full legal capacity to enter into the present contract.
The Customer acknowledges having read, at the time of placing the order, these terms and conditions of sale. Any order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions without any reservation.
These general conditions of sale will prevail over all other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary, express and written exemption.
The general conditions applicable are those in force on the date of the order by the buyer and may be modified at any time without notice.
The validation of the order is worth signature and express acceptance of all the operations carried out on the site.
When you check the box confirming that you have read the conditions of sale and that you click on the validation button "Validate your order" after the ordering process, you declare to accept the entirety of these general conditions of sale fully and without Reserve. The data recorded by the Site constitutes proof of all past transactions.


The offers of purchase present on the Site are reserved only for the Belgian territory and the consumers of the only zones concerned. The Customer himself picks up his order at the time specified by the Seller when ordering. The Seller can not be held responsible for any delays (traffic, accidents, erroneous evaluation of the distance, etc.) of the Customer.


The information communicated by the Customer when placing an order is binding on him and any error in the wording of the order or in his contact details is his sole responsibility.

Prior to any validation of his order, the Customer will have the technical means to identify the errors made in the data entry and correct them, by going back on the various stages of the ordering process and may similarly modify the content of the order. it by adding or removing products from its basket, from the web page summarizing the contents of the basket before validation of the order.

It will be sufficient if the Customer to indicate which item (s) he wishes to remove from his cart before confirming his order.

Once this verification is done, the Customer is invited to validate his order. The validation of the order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale. Orders are effective as soon as this validation is done.
Any order thus placed is final and can not be canceled. It gives rise to the payment on the Site before its withdrawal to the chip shop C'est Bon.

The Customer will receive automatically by e-mail or an SMS, a written confirmation of the order including all the information relating to the characteristics of the product which will have been transmitted to him at the stage of the order, as well as the total price of the command all taxes including VAT.


The orders and the personal information relating to the Customer (Coordinates) are automatically preserved.

The banking information is not kept by the Site.

Online payment

Payments are made via the firm stripe. Amounts collected via the means of payment (visa, mastecard, maestro/bancontact) are collected by this service provider and then transferred to the seller's account. Any payment dispute or fraudulent transaction will require the intervention of this service provider.

Right to retract

Since all the orders must include perishable goods whose consumption by the Customer must occur in the short term, the Customer does not have the normal withdrawal period of 14 days from the delivery of the goods as it is said in Article 47, paragraph 4, 6 ° of the law of 6 April 2010 on the practices of the trade and the information and the protection of the consumer.

At the latest when he receives the e-mail of confirmation, the document envisaged by article 46, 3 ° of the aforementioned law will mention the following clause, written in bold type and placed in the same frame that which contains the waiver clause: "the consumer does not have the right to waive the purchase".


Any complaint concerning the products of the order will have to be carried out with the address of "C'est Bon" appearing on the confirmation of order.


Any offer to sell is subject to availability. The availability of products is made in real time before the validation of the order. However, in case of unavailability of a product (including an ingredient), the Customer will be directly contacted by telephone, email or SMS by the Seller to find a replacement or to cancel the order .

The products offered comply with the Belgian and Community legislation in force.

Validity of products

Products are made of perishable goods, orders must be consumed in a course of time after preparation. The availability time is known when ordering. The customer is responsible for the collection of his order in due time.

No complaint will be admissible if the order is withdrawn beyond 10 minutes after the scheduled time.


The prices of the products ordered on the site are visible at the time of the consultation of the Site. They are expressed in Euros and, if applicable, include electronic payment fees. They include VAT. They are applied for the duration of their display on the Site.

Sale of alcohol

The sale of alcohol is not possible via the Website.


Friterie C'est Bon disclaims any liability for the use or content of products ordered on the Site.

The photographs and texts reproduced on the Site are purely indicative and can not have a contractual value. 

The responsibility of the friterie C'est Bon can not be engaged if an error has crept into one of these photographs or one of these texts.

Friterie C'est Bon can not be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded in case of lack of the store or force majeure.

If the responsibility for chip It is Bon arising directly or indirectly from this contract, was to be committed, the amount of damages that it could be ordered to pay would be expressly limited to the amount of the price paid by the Customer for the products causing the injury.

The Customer is required, in any case, to do all the necessary diligences to reduce the damage suffered.

Intellectual property

The general structure of the Site, as well as all the graphic and sound elements that compose it, constitute works that are protected as such by the laws on intellectual property, in particular by the copyright, the drawings and models and trademark law, and international treaties.

The organization of the Site, the published texts, the distinctive signs, the data and the original graphic elements must under no circumstances be modified, reproduced, displayed, presented in public, distributed or used for any purpose whatsoever, without authorization preliminary and express of the chip It's Good.

Anyone who downloads or collects information published on the Site has only a private, personal and non-transferable right of use and undertakes not to modify them. Any other use not expressly permitted is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of the friterie C'est Bon.

Accepted methods of payment

The payment is made only to the validation of the order. Accepted methods of payment are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.

Private life

We invite the Customer to refer to our privacy policy detailed under the tab "legal notice".

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general conditions of service are subject to Belgian law and all its clauses must be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law.

Any dispute involving the chip shop C'est Bon will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the judicial district of Mons, the Belgian laws are only applicable.


Any complaint or information must be sent by mail to the following address:

Friterie "C'est bon"

Chaussée de Jolimont 240,
7100 La Louvière,